We use it

To make predictions about the future.

To express spontaneous decisions.

To make promises.

To give orders or make requests.

Key Words

They are the words and phrases which generally appear in this tense sentences

- Tomorrow

- This weekend

- Next friday

- Next month

- Next year

- In 2099 (year in the future).

Subject + Will + Verb Infinitive + the rest of the sentence.

To make sentences in the Simple Future, we use the modal "Will" followed by the main verb of the sentence in infinitive.

We can also use the short form of "Will" ('ll) only when the subject of the sentence is a Personal Pronoun.


I'll call you tomorrow.

Susan will be 21 in 2020.

I'll help you with those bags.

They will clean their bedrooms.

Subject + Will Not + Verb Infinitive + the rest of the sentence.

In the negative form, we write "Will Not" (Won't) after the subject.

The Verb of the sentence is always written in Infinitive.


They won't go to school next Monday.

Kate will not visit her friend tomorrow.

I won't go to the University.

Tom will not arrive late.

Will + Subject + Verb In Infinitive + the rest of the sentence...?

In the interrogative, the modal "Will" is written before the subject.

The verb is always written in infinitive.


Will he go on vacations this summer?

Will you need the car tomorrow?

Will it rain next weekend?

Will they come to the party?