We use it

To link sentences, words or phrases.


A complete review of the different types of Connectors. Examples, Exercises, Exams and downloads.

They are used to join words, phrases or sentences.


- And

- Also

- Too

- As


My mum and my aunt prepared everything for the party.

I have been studying for the test and my sister too.

Karen speaks English as well as I do.

Peter plays the guitar, also Tommy.

They are used to join ideas, being related such that each excludes the other.


- Or

- Otherwise

- Either... or

- Neither ... or


I can choose between the theater or the cinema.

She must study for the exam, otherwise, she will fail it.

They can either use a pen or a pencil.

Neither Sam nor Susan is at home.

They are used to join two ideas, one of them being condition of the other.


- If

- If... then

- In case of


If it rains, the team won't play.

If it is cold then she will wear a coat.

Emily will call 911 in case of emergency.

They are used to indicate that something happens despite something else.


- Although

- Even if

- Despite

- In spite of

- Not even if

- Regardless of


Although I'm not feeling well, I will go to the party.

I will visit Jesse even if I am tired.

Despite everything, my dad came yesterday.

In spite of the fact that I have worked hard, I didn't get the job.

It is the best option, regardless of time and place.

They indicate that an idea is the conclusion of another one.


- Therefore

- Hence

- Thus

- So

- Consequently


It is not my problem. Therefore, make whatever you want.

They fought tirelessly. Thus, they won the war.

The movie had finished, so they came home.

She can't speak Japanese, hence her mistakes.

She had a breakdown and consequently was sent to the hospital.

They are used to indicate that an idea is the continuity of other.


- Then

- Moreover

- Furthermore

- Besides

- In addition to

- Also


The thieves left the house. Then, the police arrived.

She is an excellent wife, moreover she cooks really well.

He wrote several books. Furthermore, he was a scientist.

I don't like the car. Besides, it is too expensive for me.

In addition to being a great person, Lily was an excellent teacher.

Tom won an Oscar, also a Golden Globe.

They are used to connect two opposite ideas.


- But

- However

- Nonetheless

- Still

- Yet

- On the other hand

- Instead of

- On the contrary


He was not a good student but he was a good person.

You didn't pass. However, we will give you another chance.

He broke my heart but I still love him.

They haven't finished the essay yet.

It is a beautiful place. On the other hand, the food is terrible.

Instead of seeing a doctor, she took an aspirin.

They are not at home; on the contrary, they went out with some friends.

They indicate a cause and effect relation between phrases or ideas.


- Because

- For

- Because of

- As a result of

- Due to

- Owing to

- Since

- As


Because I am in love with Jenny, I will marry her.

I left smoking for my children.

I feel uncomfortable because of my body.

She was fired as a result of her poor performance.

The plane is delayed due to the bad weather.